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1.The Society shall be called "THE SOCIETY OF ONE-ARMED GOLFERS".


1.The Office-bearers shall consist of such number of Hon. Presidents and Hon. Vice-Presidents as the members may from time to time determine, and of a President, Vice-President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. The office of Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer may be held by the same person. The Hon. Office-bearers shall not have any voice or vote in the management of the Society's affairs unless they are also ordinary members. The Office-bearers shall hold office for one year and shall be eligible for re-election.

2.The management of the Society shall be vested in a Management Committee consisting of three members resident in Scotland, three members resident in England and Wales, and three members resident in Ireland, together with the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Four shall form a quorum. The Management Committee shall be elected for a term of one year and shall be eligible for re-election.

3. Each Regional Committee shall be responsible for running their own finances. A financial income/expenditure report for the calendar year should be distributed to each regions own members by the end of April. Ideally a cheque will require two signatures. A copy of each Regions accounts will go to the President and Hon. Secretary.

4. The Management Committee shall have all powers necessary for the full and efficient conduct of the affairs of the Society, and all rules made, or orders given by them, shall be binding upon every member until set aside by a General Meeting.

5. The Management Committee shall, at times to be determined by themselves, meet for the transaction of business in connection with the Society.


1.Membership of the Society is open to all persons whose non-playing hand or arm is physically impaired and as a result play golf with only one arm.

2.The name, address and nature of the disability of every candidate for admission as a Member of the Society must be supplied in the form prescribed by the Management Committee for the purpose. The Management Committee shall then determine the question of each candidate s admission.

3.Young persons up to their eighteenth birthday may be admitted as Junior Members and entitled to play in any competition promoted by the Society.

4.The financial year shall commence on 1st January and the annual subscription shall be as determined by the Management Committee. Members whose subscriptions are unpaid by the 1st May shall not be eligible to take part in any of the competitions promoted by the Society, nor be entitled to any privileges of the Society until payment of same. The annual subscription for junior members shall not exceed 25% of the annual subscription rate for full members.

5. On admission of a new member the Secretary shall notify same and shall furnish such member with a copy of the Constitution and request payment of the yearly subscription.

6.A member on payment of subscription thereby submits himself to the Constitution and Rules of the Society, both as to restrictions enjoined and penalties imposed, and on these conditions alone is entitled to the advantages and privileges of the Society. A copy of the Constitution shall be delivered to every member or transmitted to his address; but no member shall be absolved from the effect of the Constitution on any allegations of not having received it.

7.The Management Committee shall have power, on a vote by ballot by a majority of it's entire number, to suspend any member whose conduct appears to them to endanger the character, interests or good order of the Society, or who acts in defiance of it's Constitution and Rules; and at a General Meeting, of which due notice has been given, the Society shall have power, on a vote by ballot, and by a majority of two thirds of those voting, to expel any such member. At least seven days before calling such meeting the Management Committee shall communicate with the offending member, to give him an opportunity of withdrawing from the Society.


1.The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the Annual Championship Meeting, or failing a Championship meeting being held, the Annual General Meeting shall be held before the last day of September. The aforesaid Championship Meeting to be held in England and Wales, Scotland or Ireland alternately, or on any suitable course arranged by the Committee. At this meeting a duly audited statement of the income and expenditure of the Society for the year ending 31st December preceding will be submitted and Office-bearers and a Management Committee will be elected for the ensuing year. Any other competent business may be transacted.

2.The Management Committee shall appoint Convenors and Sub-Committees as it may decide from time to time for the management of the Society and shall determine the powers of such Convenors and Sub-Committees. Other members of the Society shall be eligible for the Sub-Committees but at least two-thirds of each Sub-Committee shall be from the Management Committee. The President, Vice-Presidents and Hon Secretary/Treasurer shall be ex-officio Members of all Sub-Committees.

3.The President, whom failing, the Vice-President, shall be Chairman of all meetings, including Management Committee meetings, and failing both, a Chairman shall be elected by the meeting. The Chairman shall have a casting vote as well as a deliberative vote. At any Sub-Committee meeting, the Convenor of the appropriate Sub-Committee shall preside.

4. The Management Committee shall have power to call Special Meetings of the Society and shall be bound to call a meeting within fourteen days on receiving a written requisition signed by at least one third of the total membership, and stating the matter to be brought up.

5.The manner of voting at all meetings shall be determined by those present, and matters relating to a change in the Constitution may be dealt with at an Annual General Meeting, provided that any suggested change be notified to the Secretary twenty-one days before an Annual General Meeting, and circulated to all members. Junior Members shall have no voting powers.

6.At all General Meetings of the Society six shall form a quorum.

7.Notice of at least seven days, inclusive of the day of the meeting shall be given by the Secretary of all meetings of the Society.


1. The Rules of Golf, as they may from time to time be fixed by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St. Andrews, shall be the rules of play, except in so far as these may be modified by the Society.

2. All trophies presented to the Society shall be deemed the property of the Society unless a donor expresses otherwise.

3. The winding-up of the Society can be effected without a quorum if there is an insufficient number of members left to form a quorum. If the Society should decide to wind-up, it is directed that all trophies, minute books, account books and a copy of the Constitution be handed to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St. Andrews. All funds or monies left over from the sale of property and assets of the Society, etc. after all debts are duly paid, shall be handed to such charity as is determined by the Society.


The following rules will apply to all competitions organised by the Society:-

1.In all competitions organised by the Society of One-armed Golfers, all persons taking part must play every stroke with one arm, any aid from an artificial appliance, or stump, or part of an arm, being barred.

2. All trophies belonging to the Society, other than the Championship Cup, shall be open for competition to Full and Junior Members of the Society only. The Championship Cup is open to all persons whose non-playing hand or arm is physically impaired and as a result play golf with only one arm.


The objects of the Society shall be to relieve the needs of persons whose arm is physically impaired and, as a result, can only use one arm by the provision of facilities and opportunities for said persons to play golf.

JUNE 2009