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Effects of COVID-19 on Upcoming Events

The COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic is escalating across the globe, and especially in Europe which is currently the epicentre of the pandemic. We will be providing regular updates on the affect of the virus on upcoming scheduled events here - please check back frequently for more information.

24th March 2020

Majorcan Open

The Majorcan Open has been cancelled. Many thanks to Keith Buckett for the work he has undertaken towards planning this year’s event

Society Sword Match v Oxford & Cambridge

This match has been cancelled. Many thanks to Andrew Robinson for arrangements towards arranging this year's match.   

2020 World Championship

Given the escalating situation we have cancelled the Championship planned to be held 8th through 12th June 2020.

We are in dialogue with the Walmer & Kingsdown Golf Club towards re-scheduling later in the year. We will take a decision by the end of April based on the current and forecast COVID-19 status, and communicate either a re-planned date or cancellation for 2020. 

Fightmaster Cup

Discussions have been underway during the last 3 weeks with the American Captain. Regrettably given the escalating situation across the globe we have taken the joint decision to cancel the Fightmaster for 2020.

Discussions will be held towards holding the event in 2021, more to follow. 

Regional Events

Planning continues for our Autumn regional championships with due consideration towards potentially holding our World Championship later this year and continuing assessment of COVID-19, more to follow. 

18th March 2020

Majorcan Open

Regrettably the Majorcan Open has been cancelled. Many thanks to Keith Buckett for the work he has undertaken towards planning this year’s event

Regional Events

Society Sword Match v Oxford & Cambridge and all other planned Regional events, currently going ahead as planned.  

2020 World Championship

We met with Walmer & Kingsdown Golf Club on 6th March 2020:

  • Championship planning continues towards holding our event 8th – 12th June.
  • Decision ‘go ahead / cancel’ meeting arranged for 1st May with Walmer & Kingsdown Golf Club. 

Coronavirus is clearly escalating across the globe. Since our meeting on the 6th the probability of cancelling the championship has increased.

Regular updates to follow.

Fightmaster Cup

Currently going ahead as planned.